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IFBB Pro Bikini  ❤ Business Owner  ❤  Entrepreneur  ❤  Wife  ❤  Step-mom

A brief look into my athletic background…
Ever since I was little I’ve been involved in some sort of competitive sport. I played competitive soccer since I was 11 years old, until I was out of high school. We competed in many many tournaments that allowed me to travel all over the US and experience a lot of new things. When I graduated high school I got really into weightlifting and nutrition. I started personal training when I was in my early 20s and started competing in the NPC shortly after that. I earned my Professional status as a bodybuilding competitor at my FIRST national show (North Americans) in 2019. This will be my first year competing in the IFBB in pursuit of my dream to compete on the Olympia stage.

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About Me: About Me


I was born and raised in Sandy, Utah and no I am not Mormon lol. I have a little dog named Dexter. He is a half pug, half yorkie mix. I got married last year to my wonderful husband, who is also a US Marine. We are currently stationed in California. 

My mission as a coach

My mission as a coach is to build a Bad A$$ team of competitors. This year I am making a goal with myself to have at least 10 of my competitors take home a 1st place trophy. I want to help inspire and coach women to not only step on stage, but to do it at the best of their abilities. I know what it takes to win. I know there are women out there that want to win just as much as I do, and it’s my mission to give them the support, guidance, and proper coaching they need to WIN!

How many shows have I done???

  • 2016 NPC Sacramento Championships (Last callouts)(First show ever)

  • 2016 NPC Midnight Sun (OVERALL CHAMPION)

  • 2017 NPC Utah Classic (Second callouts)

  • 2017 NPC Ferrigno Legacy Championships (7th Place)

  • 2018 NPC Salt City Showdown (Second callouts)

  • 2018 NPC Muscle Classic Championships (Second callouts)

  • 2018 NPC Muscle Contest Night of Champions (Second callouts)

  • 2018 NPC Mile High Championships (5th Place)

  • 2018 NPC Arctic Muscle Fest (OVERALL CHAMPION)

  • 2019 NPC Vikings Championship (OVERALL CHAMPION)

  • 2019 NPC North Americans (FIRST PLACE)(PRO CARD AWARDED)

About Me: About
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